Calls, emails, e-mail messages, unwanted notifications… It can sometimes be complex to stay focused, not to feel overwhelmed, to prioritize the right things and to disconnect completely to rest.

It should be noted that an adult consults on average more than 200 times his phone per day and interrupts his day as many times! According to several studies, it takes 23 minutes to get back into a bubble of concentration, once you get out of it!

We help your teams understand their relationship with technology and reduce daily digital distractions.

Digital distractions represent

 a loss of time of 28% in

a day of work.

Hyperconnectivity has repercussions

Hyperconnectivity high or even excessive use of the Internet can lead to:

  • mental and physical health problems .
  • drop in motivation, creativity and/or morale (loss of energy, mental fatigue) .
  • difficulty difficulty assimilating information and organizing oneself (infobesity) .
  • a sharp increase in stress (risk of burn-out)
  • mental and physical health problems (anxiety, mood disorder, insomnia, neck pain, low self-confidence, etc.) .
  • difficulty being productive (multitasking, procrastination, feeling overwhelmed)
  • tension problems with colleagues .
  • tension with those around you or social isolation
  • difficulty difficulty letting go to properly recharge body and mind
  • addiction to screens

Workshops & Conference

The digital if it is not well mastered can make us waste a lot of time and energy! Changing the way you use technology is not that easy. Establishing healthy digital habits means:

– change a circle of personal and organizational habits

– set up an appropriate personal and professional environment to facilitate this change and make it last in the long term

We educate your teams:

  • their relationship with technology
  • the harmful effects of digital overconsumption

We give concrete tools for:

  • reduce digital distractions
  • better control of their screen time
  • set up periods of disconnection to recharge


We also offer consulting and support services to help you:

  • create internal good practices around technology and thus improve the productivity of your team

  • Define adequate rules of use with the most coveted digital tools in order to favor a work-life balance

7 out of 10 people

have already tried to reduce

their digital consumption

without succeeding

1 in 3 people

admit spending too much time

in front of the screens but don't know

what to do to fix it