Laurie Michel

Speaker and founder of Vivala

Passionate about horses since childhood, Laurie began her professional career as a show jumping rider. Member of the French junior team, she took part in the finest competitions in France and managed a stable of sport, breeding and tourism horses before training in internal quality management according to ISO 9000 and 9001 standards. For several years, she will take over the functions of Quality and Communication Manager in one of the most renowned French audit agencies in the field of software certification.

In 2014, she flew to Quebec and will specialize in digital marketing, a field in which she practiced for several years before creating Vivala in 2019.

Challenged by the problems of addiction to screens that affect all generations, as well as by her behavior and that of those around her when it comes to cell phones and social networks, she decided to take concrete action by creating her own business.

She is the author of the book Less screens more present moments, a 30-day digital disconnection support program and intervenes in companies to raise awareness among teams of hyperconnectivity and help organizations establish good practices around technology through conferences, support and training.

Laurie with Vivala is Local and Regional Winner of the OSEntreprendre 2021 Competition and finalist of the Entreprendre Ici competition.

Laurie was a speaker at the WEQ 2022, the largest French-language digital event in North America.


Florence Marcil-Denault

Doctor in Psychology

Florence Marcil-Denault is a doctor of psychology, psychotherapist, member of the Order of Psychologists of Quebec since 2002. She specializes in mental health with adolescents and young adults. 

She has worked as a clinician in schools and hospitals as well as in private practice and regularly collaborates with various Quebec media. 

Florence is also the mother of three boys who have had the effect of a small revolution on her practice of psychology!

An excellent popularizer, her experience in psychology with young people makes her a collaborator of choice for the development of our mobile application.

Marie-Eve Champagne

Occupational Health, Safety and Well-Being Specialist

Holder of a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Relations, and a graduate degree with a Specialized Graduate Diploma (DESS) in Occupational Health and Safety, Marie-Eve is also a member of the Ordre des CRHA du Québec .

With 14 years of experience in health and safety as well as human resources, this gives her a unique solution-oriented approach, with an understanding of all the physical aspects of a workplace. She supports organizations in their daily challenges in terms of health, safety and well-being at work, in order to create healthy and safe workplaces from all points of view.

Multidisciplinary, Marie-Eve has carried out numerous mandates within several large companies, as well as SMEs. She is also a recurring guest speaker for the Ordre des CRHA du Québec and Les Affaires Events.

Me Laurence Larrivée-Fortin


Laurence Larrive-Fortin holds a law degree and a bachelor's degree in international development from the University of Ottawa. She is a member of the Barreau du Québec and the Order of Chartered Human Resources Advisors (CRHA). She is also an accredited mediator in civil, commercial and labor mediation with the Barreau du Québec, as well as in small claims.
Over the past five years, Ms. Larrivee-Fortin has mainly acted as a lawyer-investigator in matters of psychological harassment in the workplace. She has thus carried out admissibility analyses, investigations, mediations, neutral assessments of the work climate as well as training in conflict management, for public and private organizations of all sizes.

In addition, challenged by mental health issues, especially in the legal community, and interested in the field of well-being, Laurence completed a yoga teacher training in 2019 as well as a coaching training in 2020. 

Marie-Pier Boivin

Completed a doctorate in research and intervention in organizational psychology

Marie-Pier is currently completing a doctorate in research and intervention in organizational psychology (Ph. D. R/I) at the University of Sherbrooke.

Strongly interested in psychological health at work, her thesis focuses on one of the components of the phenomenon, namely the functioning of the individual at work.

Marie-Pier is a consultant in organizational health and works mainly with individuals with a view to contributing to their well-being at work, but also to the prosperity and sustainability of the companies in which they operate.

Yarledis Coneo

Trainer and consultant specializing in reconciling life roles

With a master's degree in administration, Yarledis also completed a certificate in human resources management, a D.E.S.S. in talent management and a bachelor's degree in psychology. Her master's thesis focuses on work-family balance strategies for women entrepreneurs (SSHRC Fellow, FESP Honor Roll).

Since 2014, she has accompanied more than 250 people through the course Work-life balance offered to the FSA ULaval. This experience has allowed him to deepen the realities, challenges and solutions of people in employment and managers working in companies of various sizes and sectors of activity. 

Yarledis is happy to popularize, apply and share its scientific discoveries. She contributes to articles, expert interviews and podcasts, notably for the Ordre des CRHA, La Presse, Radio Canada, the Journal les Affaires and Isarta.