How to activate the Vivala mode?

In the Home section: the red banner at the top right, you just have to toggle the button

In the Schedules / My Agenda section (for Premium Profiles) by saving a schedule in advance at the time and day of your choice.

Vivala mode does not work

The first thing to check is that you have authorized Vivala to activate the phone's Do Not Disturb mode. Vivala mode cannot work without it.

How to verify?

You have to go to your phone's settings and search for Vivala Offline applications. You can then check the access you have authorized or not.

If you have given access correctly and the mode still does not work, check that your Do Not Disturb mode does not include preferences, a personalization with hours of passage in Do Not Disturb mode. You will need to remove them for Vivala to function properly.

Data doesn't seem to be working

The first thing to check is that you have authorized Vivala Offline to access the use of your phone. Your data recovery cannot work without it.

Are you hesitant to authorize them? Read our privacy policy and our commitment to protecting your personal data.

The data is not retroactive

You do not have access to data for the days, weeks and months prior to your registration with Vivala Offline. It's normal!

How are my Vivala hours counted?

Vivala hours are counted as soon as the user is in Vivala mode and their screen is locked.

The times shown in the goals are daytime hours from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

The hours that appear in the Vivala Hours section are counted in this section continuously, without restriction of hours. If you want to access your data 24 hours a day, you must switch to a Premium profile.

If you unlock your phone during your Vivala hours, the timer will stop immediately. It will only resume when you close your screen again.

It is the same with the programming of your Vivala periods. A message will appear to let you know that your Vivala programming is starting. You must keep your screen closed so that the hours are counted.

Level change: I did not get my reward

The rewards are new features in the app. You will receive notifications to let you know that they are accessible. Please note that you must have authorized access to notifications for this to work.

Some rewards are sent by email. Have you checked?

Programming: Vivala mode does not stop

If you have programmed Vivala mode in advance and want to stop it before the time initially scheduled, you will have to remove the mode from the home page.

Can I receive calls or dial emergency numbers during Vivala mode?

You have the possibility to personalize 2 priority contacts in your profile. If these phone numbers call you while your phone is in Vivala mode, your phone will let calls go.

The same is true with emergency telephone numbers, which can be dialed at any time, even if Vivala mode is activated.

How can I get my points back when I buy from a partner?

When you buy from one of our partners, you must provide the invoice or purchase receipt to our team in order to benefit from the addition of 10 points to your account. You can send your invoices by photo in the settings in the Vivala Community section.

I would like to invite friends to join the Vivala movement, what should I do?

You can invite your friends directly into the app through your Messenger, WhatsApp, text message or email. You earn points when your friends join the app!

I have no extra points even though I have invited friends

Your friends must use the code you gave them via the automatic message to invite them to join Vivala Offline. They will have to inform it when they register so that you can recover your points.

When do the Vivala workshops take place?

The situation with the global Covid-19 pandemic does not allow us to give a date to date regarding the resumption of the 2h workshops without telephone with our partners.

I just spent some time in Vivala mode but my profile has not changed, is this normal?

It may take a few minutes for the graph to update with your Vivala time before updating, this is normal. If this continues beyond 24 hours, contact our support: support@vivalaoffline.com

Do I lose my calls and messages when I am in Vivala mode?

No, the Vivala mode blocks notifications but you receive your calls and messages, once it is deactivated you can see who has tried to communicate with you.

How can I take advantage of discounts from our partners?

  • Vivala points

You have 4 ways to earn Vivala points:

-5 hours in continuous Vivala mode gives you 5 points

-Buying from one of our partners gives you 10 points when you send us your purchase invoice

-Inviting friends to join Vivala gives you 2 points when the person activates their referral code

You can follow the number of points you have in the Vivala> Settings section (top right)> you access the menu in the image above where you are able to view your points, send an invoice, invite friends…

  • Other discounts

You have access to exclusive offers from our partners when you have a Premium profile.

Programming the Vivala mode, how does it work?

You can program periods in Vivala mode. For this you can enter the day and time in order to plan your offline hours.

We recommend programming the hours:

  • around meals in order to maintain quality social relationships
  • before going to bed, the light from the phone is bad for sleep
  • during your sports or creative activities

Still have questions?

You can ask us your questions at support@vivalaoffline.com