Vivala Offline helps you to change the way you are using your cellphone.

The main functionalities:

  • Vous You take back control of your daily use by programming hours in Vivala mode .

  • You are rewarded for your efforts by adding features to your profile at each level reached!

  • We businesses around you to discover new activities without your cellphone.

  • You follow your evolution.

Hours in Vivala mode , Vivala it's:

  • No notification: no call, no message, no social media: no screen!
  • Time to take care of yourself or spend time with those who really matter in your life.
  • Improved mental and physical health.

  • An option priority contact when you work, to increase your productivity and allow calls from the contacts you have chosen.

  • Discreet notifications to motivate you!

Life is now. Don't miss it...