Our mission at Vivala Offline is to help you put your phone away!

Vivala Offline is a fun and educational app and to unplug and find your online/offline balance. Your hours in Vivala mode (0 call, 0 notification, 0 message) are counted and you receive a reward each time you access a new level!

It’s important to maintain a balance:

1.For your body: L’hyperconnectivité peut engendrer des problèmes de sommeil, de prise de poids, ou encore affaiblir les facultés cognitives et les capacités intellectuelles.

2.For your social relationships: Your family, friends and romantic relationships may be affected. This addiction can lead to social isolation.

3. For your family: If you have kids, your behavior with screens will greatly influence their own relationship with screens. You’re their biggest role model.

For your mental health: Trop de temps d’écran peut causer de l’anxiété et de l’irritabilité, et suscite un sentiment de vide quand tu es hors ligne…

Available on Google Play.

Coming soon on iOS, don't miss the launch! join our members!

Say YES to the present moment

  • Vivala mode: specific goals to achieve in order to learn how to unplug more often, switch to Vivala mode to fully enjoy the present moment: 0 calls, 0 notifications, 0 messages.
  • Motivation access a 30-day digital program established in collaboration with healthcare professionals to help you change your digital habits.
  • Tips discover various well-being tips, each week, to take care of yourself
  • Partners: access exclusive offers from partners who offer activities and products helping to disconnect from screens
  • Track your progress: follow your progress with precise data in real time, when you are on your phone and in Vivala mode
  • And more!