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ICE DRIVING CANADA* is the very first permanent ice piloting center in North America. Behind the wheel of a real factory car, you participate in 8, 14 and 24 hour endurance races. http://icedrivingcanada.com/

Isabelle Huot Docteure en nutrition specializes in healthy eating and wellness. The company offers healthy and convenient products for all: ready-to-eat meals, salads, snacks, cereals, spreads and more https://www.isabellehuot.com/

Caprina* is the leading provider of fresh goat's milk skin-care products in North America. We are a Montreal-based company and make all our products in Canada. https://canusgoatsmilk.com/fr

What is La Belle Excuse? 6500 olive trees, 600 sales locations, 80 tonnes of olive oil per year, 15 pairs of hands to take care of the product, a family that pours its heart and soul into it and thousands of customers who make it all possible. https://www.labelleexcuse.com/

Sport Radical* offers a wide range of specialized products for snowboarding, freeskiing, wakeboarding / wakesurfing, longboarding, skateboarding and SUP, in addition to having a wide variety of wetsuits, summer / winter clothing. and more.https://sportradical.com/

Ferme pédagogique Marichel. https://fermemarichel.com/

Accommodation and nature. https://capjaseux.com/

Parc de la Rivière-du-Nord is 20 km of walking trails along the Rivière-du-Nord and an incredible view of the Wilson Falls. parcrivieredunord.ca

offers Via Ferrata packages: summer and winter Via Ferrata. Secure family fun! https://projetvertical.com/

Parc Régional de la Rivière Gentilly welcomes, summer and winter, visitors who wish to admire bucolic landscapes and who want to take advantage of recreational and sports activities. https://rivieregentilly.com/

Since 1974, Éditions Québec Amérique has published novels, children's literature, reference books, biographies and more.  https://www.quebec-amerique.com

Mad Men Modern is what defines the heart and soul of Soul Curry Art. Conceived, created and printed with love in Montreal, Canada https://soulcurryart.com/