We need to rest, it's vital for our body, our ideas, our motivation, our energy, our brain, our social relations… And the biggest challenge of the holidays in 2021 is to disconnect 100% ! How to unplug in this hyperconnected world?

1. Define your goals

Holidays are made to rest, to slow down, to take time 🙏 What do you want to do ?

  • Spend quality time with your family? and / or with your friends? 🧡
  • Take care of yourself ✨
  • Try a new activity or hobby? 🚣‍♀️
  • Discover a new place? 🏞
  • Do some work in your house? 👷‍♂️
  • A roadtrip? 🚌
  • Nothing at all!

2. Organize your departure and determine potential emergencies

Once you know what your vacation is going to be like, whether it's more DIY at home or a romantic getaway, it's time to organize yourself.

Depending on your situation, now is the time to tell your clients and / or your teams that you are taking a break! A real break. No I remain available if... or I would be reachable in case

So prepare your to-do list de départ en congés:

  • set up an automatic message to announce your vacation if you receive emails,
  • record a message indicating your vacation to your voice mailbox
  • set up an automatic message and a publication on your social media pages
  • make a briefing on current files to properly delegate to your colleagues
  • define the nature of possible emergencies and set up a procedure with your colleagues
  • notify your clients that you will not be available and inform them of the procedure to follow in case of emergencies
  • plan a return day from vacation without any meeting or customer call to be able to deal calmly with the various emails and files

We insist! It is very important to define which are the emergencies for which it is necessary to take you out of your vacation.

👉What are the situations that are considered serious and that require you to contact you?

👉 What other, not necessarily urgent, situations could arise during your absence that your colleagues should be able to handle on their own?

If you need help setting up internal procedures around digital disconnection in your team or for you as self-employed workers, we offer accompaniments.

3. Switch off your phone and turn off your computer

Remove work notifications from your phone. If this is difficult for you to do because you are feeling very anxious about not knowing what is going on, schedule limited times to check work messages, but be careful:

  • Do not allow yourself to make contact: you do not answer the email!
  • You must not work: it can wait until you return if it is not defined as an emergency ( "It's just a quick task" is not a legitimate excuse!)
  • This should not call into question the schedule of your day, your sleep or skip a family time

You have to disconnect from work, you are on vacation, now is the time to trust your team. Enjoy the present moment.

4. Limit your access to social networks

These days, it's so easy to spend your day scrolling through your social media feed for hours on end, but do you want to watch other people's vacations while YOU ARE on vacation? Now is the time to make memories with your friends, your family, for yourself. To put you first!

News, photos, publications will be there when you have finished your day, you will not miss the information of the century, on the other hand you risk missing a precious and unique moment for you, with your loved ones, your children if you have any .

Need help? Our digital detox plan can help you 🧡 You can enhance your reading and exercise holidays to reduce your stress around digital technology and this constant availability that we believe owed to the whole world!

You will understand, organization is the key to your peace of mind during the holidays.

It's important to:

  • plan your absence well so that you can drop out at 100%!
  • determine your digital availability limits
  • know what to do during your summer break
  • listen to your needs for peace and rest
  • enjoy this moment

Happy holidays! ☀😎


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