Book | Less screens more present moments


On t’aide à mettre en place des habitudes numériques saines.


Technology is an integral part of our lives.
We can (almost) no longer live without it!
Aussi fabuleuse soit-elle, il peut arriver que notre attrait pour elle déborde (trop souvent):
  • on precious family moments
  • on our productive hours at work
  • when it's time to rest in peace


So if you are looking for a solution for:
> Mieux contrôler ton temps d’écran au quotidien 
> Apprendre à lâcher prise et être dans le moment présent 
> Trouver du temps pour débuter une nouvelle activité et/ou pour prendre soin de toi
> Avoir des trucs et astuces pour vivre plus sereinement autour de toute cette sollicitation numérique 
Our book is made for you 🧡

35 exercices, défis et quiz ✍

This fun educational book will guide you every day with a unique theme in order to set up healthy digital habits. Every day you will have to take concrete actions according to your profile, your digital reality and more particularly your cell phone. You will then be able to establish your digital login and logout routines to better control your hours on the screens.


5 women at conception

This book is the result of teamwork with women as talented as they are passionate:
  • Laurie Michel, fondatrice de Vivala , ancienne accro à son cellulaire à la rédaction
  • Dre Florence Marcil-Denault, clinical psychologist 
  • Catherine Guilbault, graphist  
  • Joanne Gervais, linguistic revision 
  • Valérie Demers, in print


Environmentally friendly 🌳

We chose to print the book on recycled paper Rolland Enviro, this one has paper industry's smallest environmental footprint in North America and delivers superior quality.


Designed and printed in Quebec 💙

For us it was very important to work with local partners and it is with pride that we have a unique product on the market and made 100% in Quebec.

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