The purpose of this privacy policy is to inform users of our site and our mobile application of the personal data that we collect as well as the following information, if applicable:

a. The personal data that we will collect
b.Use of collected data
c. Who has access to the data collected
d. Site user rights
e. The site's cookies policy

This privacy policy works in conjunction with the terms and conditions of use of our site and our mobile application.

Applicable laws

This policy complies with the laws set out in the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

For residents of EU countries, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) governs all data protection policies, regardless of where the site is located. This privacy policy aims to comply with the GDPR. If there are any inconsistencies between this policy and the GDPR, the GDPR will apply.

For residents of the State of California, this privacy policy is intended to comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). If there are any inconsistencies between this document and the CCPA, state law will apply. If we find any inconsistencies, we will change our policy to comply with relevant law.


Users agree that by using our site and / or our mobile application, they consent to:
a. the conditions set out in this privacy policy and
b. the collection, use and retention of the data listed in this policy.

Personal data we collect

Data collected automatically
When you visit and use our site, and when you register for our mobile application, we may automatically collect and store the following information:
a. IP address
b. Place
c. Hardware and software details
d. Liens un utilisateur clique tout en utilisant le site ou l’application mobile
e. Content that the user consults or transmits on the site or on the mobile application
f. Address
g. Phone number
h. Email
i. Last name, first name

Data collected in a non-automatic way

We may also collect the following data when you perform certain functions on our site and when you register for our mobile application:

a. First name and last name
b. Email
c. Phone number
d. Domicile
e. Payment information
f. Auto-fill data. This data may be collected by means of the following methods: creating an account, paying for a subscription, purchasing from the online store, data necessary for the proper functioning of the functionalities of the mobile application.

Please note that we only collect data that helps us achieve the purpose set out in this privacy policy. We will not collect additional data without informing you first.

How we use personal data

Personal data collected on our site and on our mobile application will be used only for the purposes specified in this policy or indicated on the relevant pages of our site or mobile application. We will not use your data beyond what we disclose.
The data we collect automatically is used for the following purposes:
a. Newsletter
b. Google Analytics
c. To process orders
d. For the proper functioning of the mobile application and more specifically of the Vivala data, Phone usage data, partner card, do not disturb mode, hours recording in Vivala mode sections
e. Pour ajouter les points à votre profil dans l’application mobile ( facture envoyée, amis invités, photo de profil)

The data we collect when the user performs certain functions may be used
for the following purposes:

a. Order processing
b. Send email
c. Display of usage data for Vivala mode and phone and partner card
d. Switching to Vivala mode and counting hours
e. Processing invoices, levels reached and friends invited

Who we share personal data with

We may disclose User Data to any member of our organization that they reasonably need to achieve the purposes set out in this policy.
Tierces parties
Nous pouvons partager les données utilisateur avec les tiers suivants :
a. Our providers and partners
We may share User Data with third parties for the following purposes:
b. Vérifier le bon fonctionnement de nos services
Third parties will not be able to access user data beyond what is reasonably necessary to achieve the given purpose.
Other disclosures
We undertake not to sell or share your data with third parties, except in the following cases:
a. if the law requires it
b. if it is required for any legal proceedings
c. to prove or protect our legal rights
d. to buyers or potential buyers of this company in the event that we seek to sell the company
If you follow hyperlinks from our site to another site, please note that we are not responsible for and have no control over their privacy policies and practices.

How long we store personal data
User data will be kept for a period of: 5 years
We will ensure that users are notified if their data is retained longer than this period.

How we protect your personal data
In order to protect your security, we use an HTTPS security website to transmit personal information into our system. While we take all reasonable precautions to ensure that our user data is secure and that users are protected, there always remains the risk of harm.

International data transfers
User data can be viewed, processed or collected in the following countries: France, United States, Canada.

Your rights as a user
As a user, you have the right to access all of your personal data that we have collected. In addition, you have the right to update or correct any personal data in our possession provided it is acceptable under the law.
You may choose to withdraw or change your consent to the collection and use of data at any time, provided it is legally acceptable to do so and you have notified us within a reasonable time.

How to modify, delete or contest the data collected
If you would like your information to be deleted or changed in any way, please contact our Privacy Officer here:

Additional provisions Vivala Offline mobile application


The mobile application contains a geolocation map that lists partners offering products, services or activities that help digital disconnection. This is why we ask users for their geolocation. You can refuse to communicate it, in this case the partner map may not work correctly since we will not be able to locate your position. Your geolocation data is only used to show you partners around your location in order to encourage local businesses.


You have the option to add a profile picture to your account.

You must provide your invoices by sending a photo via the Send an invoice section in the application settings.

By uploading your photo, you allow access to your device's backup files, but only photos uploaded for your profile or for sending an invoice will be collected and used.

Phone usage data

In order to count the time spent on the phone, in Vivala mode, the number of shutdowns, the number of notifications, the number of screen openings and to be able to list the most used applications on your phone, you must allow access to the phone usage data. The data used is only the data used to provide you with the usage data as mentioned above.

Vivala Data - Do Not Disturb Mode

In order to activate Vivala mode, you must allow access to do not disturb mode otherwise the application will not be able to function properly. Access to this mode is used to make programming of Vivala mode possible.


Afin de profiter des rabais chez nos partenaires, nous demandons de nous adresser les factures lorsque vous consommez chez l’un de nos partenaires. La facture est à envoyer via l’application mobile par la prise d’une photo. Elle est ensuite transmise à notre équipe pour vérification et ajout des points.

The partner is informed of a purchase from one of our users, but your personal information is not disclosed. Only our team processes this information in order to add the points to your profile.


This privacy policy may be amended from time to time in order to maintain compliance with the law and to reflect any changes to our data collection process. We recommend that our users check our policy from time to time to ensure that they are notified of any updates. In the event of an update deemed important, we may notify users by email of changes to this policy.