Digital well-being: Equip your teams and managers


  • Understand the dangers of hyperconnectivity
  • Identify the benefits of digital disconnection
  • Tips for building healthy digital habits

How to reduce digital distractions ?

  • Identifications of popular tools that can harm
  • Creation of a work environment conducive to concentration
  • Tips for managing emails, chats, social networks, cell phones

Build healthy digital habits

  • Time
  • Develop healthy digital habits
  • Introduction to the arts of living to let go

Author of a book on digital disconnection, Laurie officially founded Vivala in March 2019 to help the community establish healthy habits around technology.

Speaker at WAQ – Web à Québec 2022, the largest French-speaking digital event in North America, with her conference Hyperconnectivity, how to reduce digital distractions?

Laurie is listed in the Bagby Report 2022 TOP 30 International Digital Wellbeing Specialists.


(managers and HR)

  • Profiles of hyperconnected people
  • Challenges around the right to disconnect
  • Tips for setting up internal digital wellbeing procedures

Work better around social networks

(marketing managers and influencers)

  • Pression des like et followers
  • Healthy Routines for Managing Platforms
  • Tips for creating a creative and productive environment

Telecommuting: managing your digital availability

  • Basic rules for working properly at home
  • become imperturbable

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Jean Chantal - Desjardins

« I attended The conference on hyperconnectivity and how to reduce digital distractions at WAQ 2022. I loved it!»

Caroline du Paul - CCITB

“Very interesting workshop, thank you! »

Najomie - Bras Gauche

"Super interesting! I have rarely been so focused in training, thank you Laurie!”

Family screens and public lectures

Family formula

  • Understand how technology works
  • Identify the repercussions of digital overconsumption
  • Tips for building healthy digital habits at home
  • + Access to our 30-day disconnect support program including tools, exercises and challenges

body image and social media

  • influence des réseaux sociaux sur notre estime de soi
  • Digital features to change your appearance and create a virtual identity (filter, editing app, Snapchat dysmorphism, diet, etc.)
  • Unrealistic beauty criteria + Guided discussion of 10 to 20 minutes.

Less screens more present moments

  • Time
  • Success in the digital age
  • Tips for reducing digital noise and living in the present
  • Vivala challenge